BERN NOTICE: 5 Key Poll Numbers That Illustrate the Bernie Surge

Here's the data that show exactly how much Bernie is gaining -- and how his rise is being fueled by a working-class coalition.

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In case you missed it, here are five key sets of polling data that illustrate the Bernie Surge — and the working-class coalition that is fueling it:

1. POLL — BERNIE IS TIED FOR FIRST: Since July, Bernie has gained 7 points in Emerson’s national poll, and is now tied for first in the most recent survey.

2. POLLS — BERNIE BACK IN SECOND IN RCP POLLING AVERAGE: Since October, Bernie has gained 5 points in the Real Clear Politics Polling Average — the single largest gain of any candidate in the race. That surge has put Bernie firmly in second place in the race.

3. POLLS — VOTERS MOST TRUST BERNIE ON HEALTH CARE: In the last few months, polls from Reuters, Kaiser and CNN have shown that voters see Bernie as the candidate who is most trusted on the health care issue.

4. POLL — AMERICANS DON’T WANT HEALTH CARE HALF MEASURES: The number of Americans who are uninsured continues to rise, and Joe Biden is pushing a health care plan that would leave 10 million uninsured. Now, a new Data for Progress poll finds 68 percent of voters do not it is acceptable for any health care plan to leave millions of Americans uninsured. You know what won’t leave millions of Americans uninsured? Bernie’s Medicare for All plan.

5. POLL — BERNIE’S COMMANDING LEAD AMONG YOUNG PEOPLE: The latest Chegg/College Pulse poll shows Bernie with a big lead among college students. That tracks with other polls showing Bernie leading among younger voters. In particular, Bernie not only leads among all college students, he is the only candidate with substantially more support from college students receiving financial aid — a reflection of his working-class coalition.

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