BERN NOTICE: A Poll Number You May Have Missed -- But Shouldn't

70% of Americans say they oppose how the employer-sponsored health insurance system works

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Emerson’s new national poll has terrific news for Bernie — and for his Medicare for All initiative.

In the presidential race, the poll shows Bernie has gained 3 points, and is now just 2 points behind Joe Biden for the lead.

Industry front groups have been berating Medicare for All and touting the existing corporate-run health care system — and lately, some Democratic candidates have abruptly reversed themselves and started attacking Medicare for All as they rake in cash from health industry donors.

The Emerson poll, though, shows that Americans aren’t buying the propaganda that insists the current health care system is just swell. On the contrary, Emerson reports that 70 percent of voters now oppose a health care system that continues to allow employers “to change or eliminate an employee’s health insurance against the employee’s wishes.”

The Corporate-Run Health Care System Is Destabilizing — Even If You Have Employer-Based Insurance

In the current corporate-run health care system, millions of Americans lose their existing employer-based health care coverage every year. That is both because Americans change or lose jobs — and also because employers simply change health care plans.

For example: just this week, the Washington Post — which is owned by the richest man on the planet — just moved its staff into a new health insurance plan that doesn’t seem so great for its employees.

This is pretty common. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, “61 percent of firms offering health benefits reported shopping for a new health plan or a new insurance carrier in the past year” — and a full 25 percent of those changed insurance carriers.

This health care “churn” can be deeply destabilizing for millions of people. Indeed, when an employer makes an insurance change, workers often have to change providers and networks, and recalibrate their budgets to deal with new co-pays, higher deductibles and reduced benefits.

Bernie’s Medicare For All Initiative Cuts Taxes & Guarantees Continuous Health Care

Polls have shown that Bernie is the most trusted candidate on the health care issue — and that makes sense.

His Medicare for All initiative not only eliminates the massive health industry taxes that are crushing millions of Americans, it also ends ends health care churn by guaranteeing continuous coverage, regardless of a family’s employment status.

Under Medicare for All, families will no longer have to worry that if their employer decides to change insurance providers, they are going to lose access to their physician. Families will no longer have to worry that if their employer wants to switch to a less comprehensive insurance plan, they are going to lose out on key medical benefits they’ve been relying on.

According to Emerson’s new poll, people are sick of that kind of chaos — and Bernie’s Medicare for All plan is going to end it once and for all.

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P.S. As many 2020 Democrats continue to parrot GOP talking points attacking Medicare for All, make sure to read this new oped by President Obama’s Medicare chief — it debunks the talking points.