BERN NOTICE: A Simple Question That Every 2020 Dem Must Answer Right Now

Bernie agrees with Obama and Obama's Medicare chief -- many other 2020 Democrats should be asked why they don't

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“Do you disagree with President Obama and his Medicare chief who both say Medicare for All is a good idea?”

This is the simple question that every Democratic critic of Medicare for All should be asked to answer, as the health care debate continues to roil the Democratic primary.

For background: Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg and other 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have spent months reciting dishonest Republican talking points about Bernie’s Medicare for All plan — and the attacks have come as they have raised big money from donors in the health care industry.

At the same time, President Obama has called Medicare for All a “good” idea, and President Obama’s Medicare chief just published a USA Today oped slamming these Democratic critics for “parrot(ing) right-wing attacks on Medicare for All.”

So the pressing question that all of these critics should be asked to answer is very clear and straightforward:

Why exactly do you disagree with President Obama and President Obama’s Medicare chief?

Bern after reading,