BERN NOTICE: Bernie Has Gained 9 POINTS in Early State Polling

Morning Consult's survey also shows Bernie has -- by far -- the highest favorable ratings of any 2020 candidate

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A new poll shows that since early October, Bernie has gained a whopping 9 points in the early primary and caucus states that could play a pivotal role in the 2020 election.

As of today, Bernie is at 23 percent — and just 3 points behind Joe Biden — in Morning Consult’s tracking poll of Democratic voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

The survey also shows that Bernie has — by far — the highest favorable ratings in the entire field. In all, 75 percent of Democratic primary voters have a favorable view of him.

The new poll follows other polls that have boosted Bernie into second place in the Real Clear Politics Polling Average. It also follows news that Bernie’s campaign has now made more than 3 million voter contact attempts in Iowa — including 22,000 doors knocked over this past weekend.

“Bernie Sanders has the largest volunteer base in Iowa and our supporters are showing what it means to build a working class, grassroots movement,” said Bernie 2020 Iowa Field Director Michael Fasullo. “Our volunteers are committed to this cause because it directly affects their lives. They absolutely will be the driving force behind a caucus night victory for Bernie Sanders.” 

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