BERN NOTICE: Bernie Heads to California -- Where He's Surging

Polls, endorsements and the ground game show that Bernie is poised to win the crucial Golden State

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Bernie heads to the crucial Super Tuesday state of California this weekend — and he heads there just as signs are pointing up for his campaign in the Golden State.

California’s importance in the Democratic primary can’t be overstated: the state will send 495 delegates to the Democratic National Convention — which is almost double that of any other state. Bernie is headed to Oakland for a press conference with National Nurses United, a rally in Fresno, a series of events at the California Democratic Convention and a Democratic Presidential Forum on Latino issues.

BERNIE BOOSTED BY CALIFORNIA ENDORSEMENTS: Last night, United Teachers Los Angeles — the second-largest local teachers union in America — resoundingly endorsed Bernie’s presidential candidacy. The endorsement follows the release of Bernie’s Thurgood Marshall Plan for Public Education, which has been called “the most progressive education platform in modern American history.” That UTLA endorsement comes the same week as the endorsement of National Nurses United, the nation’s largest nurses union, which is a particularly significant powerhouse in California.

CALIFORNIA POLLS SHOW BERNIE RISING, WITH STRONG LATINO SUPPORT: The most recent Capitol Weekly poll shows Bernie jumping 6 points in California’s Democratic primary. Two recent polls show Bernie in first place among California Latino voters. The Latino Decisions survey shows Bernie with a +46 favorability among California Latinos.

BERNIE’S BIG GROUND GAME IN CALIFORNIA: Fortune reports that Bernie 2020 announced that “it will have 40 people on the payroll in California” and has “opened its fifth office in the state on Thursday in San Francisco.” Bernie’s California campaign has already surpassed 8 million attempted voter contacts, held more than 3,000 events, and more than 760,000 people have taken action with the campaign – holding house parties, volunteering at rallies, and making financial contributions.

BERNIE AT THE FOREFRONT OF CALIFORNIA’S BIG FIGHTS: All of these positive signs come as Bernie has been making headlines in California. In August, Bernie released his landmark Green New Deal in the region that has been scorched by wildfires. More recently, he has backed the effort to bring PG&E under public control, and he has called out Apple for trying to pretend it is addressing California’s housing emergency while the company evades taxes that could fund massive affordable housing investments.

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