BERN NOTICE: Bernie Is Taking On Trump On Social Security -- And Surging In the Polls

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CNN reports that “Bernie Sanders is climbing everywhere” in the polls — and today, there are two must-read stories out about Bernie directly challenging Donald Trump on Social Security. The stories spotlight how Bernie continues to be the best positioned candidate to defeat Trump in a general election.

The first story from The Huffington Post notes that “since the moment Trump was elected, Sanders had been reminding Trump of his campaign trail promises not to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.”

The second story from Yahoo Finance notes that “the importance of Social Security has broken into the open in recent days,” with Bernie spotlighting his consistent and unwavering record pushing to expand the program. Remember: legislative records show that since his very first term in Congress, Bernie was leading the fight to expand Social Security benefits and block cuts to those benefits.

The stories echo McClatchy’s report back in March 2019 about Bernie being the only Democratic candidate consistently taking on Trump. That story noted at the time that “The Vermont senator has embraced taking the president on directly, frequently mentioning him by name on the trail, contrasting their mutual upbringings in a campaign video, and even having his advisers explicitly detail how he’d beat Trump in a general election. It’s made Sanders a unique figure in the crowded Democratic primary, where other candidates rarely, if ever, mention the president.”

Bernie’s focus on Social Security and Trump comes as he is surging in the general election polls against Trump:

• BERNIE LEADS TRUMP BY WIDEST MARGIN IN NEW POLL: Newsweek report that according to SurveyUSA’s new poll, “Bernie Sanders leads President Donald Trump by the widest margin of all the candidates in the Democratic Party's 2020 race.”

• BERNIE STRONGEST CANDIDATE AMONG KEY GROUPS: Morning Consult reports that in its new poll “tracking the strength of the top Democratic contenders against Trump in hypothetical matchups found Sanders performs better than his rivals (with) groups viewed as key to beating the unpopular incumbent.” That includes Bernie doing far better among independent swing voters than any other Democratic candidate.

• “BERNIE SANDERS IS SURGING EVERYWHERE”: CNN reports that “Sanders is seeing his poll numbers climb nationally and in the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire…Sanders is at his highest point since his post-announcement bump. Our CNN poll has him at 27% earlier this week.” 

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