BERN NOTICE: Bernie Tops CNN's National Poll -- And 5 Poll Numbers You May Have Missed

"Sanders has gained 7 points since the last CNN poll (and) has made gains nearly across the board"

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Bernie has surged to first place in CNN’s new national poll, gaining 7 points since last month.

The CNN poll shows “Bernie is now leading with men and women as well as with voters of color.

This poll follows a series of other terrific poll numbers that have come out in the last few days, showing surging support for Bernie in the final weeks leading up to the Iowa caucuses. Here are five:

1. The new Vice/Ipsos poll shows 56 percent of African Americans say they would consider voting for Bernie — the highest percentage for any candidate in there race.

2. The Reuters/Ipsos national poll shows Bernie at 20 percent — putting him in first place for the first time in that survey. That’s a 6 point gain in the survey since December.

3. Chegg’s tracking poll of college students find that “Bernie continues to surge among Democratic college students, reaching his highest level of support yet” at 41 percent. That is 20 points higher than the next closest candidate.

4. Morning Consult’s poll shows Bernie surging in the early voting states. The survey shows Bernie with the highest favorability ratings of any candidate in the race.

5. An Ipsos poll from January 10th shows Bernie is seen by the largest number of voters as the candidate who is the strongest on the economy, the environment and health car.

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