BERN NOTICE: Bernie Was The Original Architect Of The Stimulus Idea Congress Is Now Considering

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As lawmakers now consider direct cash payments to Americans to stimulate the economy, it is worth remembering that Bernie was the original architect of such a stimulus policy. It is also worth remembering that despite Congress then being controlled by Republicans, Bernie’s initiative was adopted by lawmakers during an economic downturn.

Here is an excerpt of a Gannett story from 2001, during the dot-com crash (the entire story is attached below):

Got a federal tax rebate coming your way? Thank Bernie Sanders. Seriously.

Vermont’s socialist congressman came up with the original idea for a $300-a-person tax rebate in February, when he unveiled it at a Capitol Hill news conference with fellow members of the House Progressive Caucus.

Six months later, the checks are in the mail…

The rebate plan initially was dismissed by Republicans as little more than a crazy scheme…(But) lawmakers found Sanders’ plan appealing because it was easy to understand and gave their constituents an immediate, tangible benefit.

A study by government and academic researchers found “that households spent much of their 2001 income tax rebates” and that the “effects on aggregate consumption demand are significant.”

In other words, Bernie’s stimulus concept was successful.

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