BERN NOTICE: "Biden Betrayed Black Voters, While Sanders Has Been Fighting for Racial Justice"

Bernie 2020 co-chair Sen. Nina Turner publishes a major oped spotlighting the Bernie/Biden contrast on racial equality

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Bernie 2020 national co-chair Sen. Nina Turner today published a major oped excoriating Joe Biden’s record on racial justice, and contrasting it with Bernie’s long record championing civil rights. Click here to read the oped in The State, which is the one of the largest newspapers in the early-voting state of South Carolina.

Turner is expected to discuss the oped today on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton at 5:15pm ET and on NPR’s All Things Considered in the 5pm ET hour.

The oped notes that Biden “repeatedly betrayed black voters to side with Republican lawmakers and undermine our progress” and it also notes that Bernie has a long record of “fighting for racial and economic justice since the civil rights era.” Among the key points of contrast:

BIDEN WORKED WITH SEGREGATIONISTS, BERNIE FOUGHT SEGREGATION: Biden began his political career actively courting segregationists to support his legislation blocking school integration initiatives. Bernie began his political career protesting housing segregation, marching with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and getting arrested protesting against school segregation. Bernie is pushing an education plan that supports local efforts to combat school segregation.

BIDEN DEMONIZED WELFARE RECIPIENTS, BERNIE FOUGHT WELFARE “REFORM”: Biden helped Republicans pass cuts to welfare programs, and and he echoed the GOP’s racially charged “welfare queen language” to demonize poor families. At one point, Biden published a column deriding “welfare mothers driving luxury cars and leading lifestyles that mirror the rich and famous.” Bernie vigorously opposed these punitive cuts. As he said: "What welfare reform did, in my view, was to go after some of the weakest and most vulnerable people in this country.”

BIDEN BRAGGED ABOUT “TOUGH ON CRIME” INITIATIVES, BERNIE FOUGHT MASS INCARCERATION: Biden worked with segregationist Republicans like Strom Thurmond and bragged that he led “every major crime bill” in the last 40 years. He is right now opposing legalizing marijuana. By contrast, one of the leading dissenters to Biden’s “tough on crime” agenda was Sanders, who Vox noted was “an early critic of mass incarceration and punitive criminal justice policies.” Bernie is now pushing a criminal justice reform plan to legalize marijuana, outlaw private prisons, slash the prison population in half, end cash bail and hold police departments accountable.

BIDEN PUSHED FOR SOCIAL SECURITY CUTS, BERNIE FOUGHT THEM: Biden has repeatedly worked with Republicans to try to slash Social Security — even though most African American beneficiaries rely on Social Security for at least half their income. Sanders has fought those cuts and proposed expanding Social Security.

BIDEN MADE IT HARDER FOR AMERICANS TO REDUCE THEIR DEBTS, BERNIE FOUGHT THAT PROPOSAL: Biden helped Republican lawmakers and the financial industry make it more difficult for Americans to reduce their debts in bankruptcy court. Biden even split with Obama and almost every other Senate Democrat to help Republicans kill an amendment to protect medical debtors from predatory lenders. Sanders opposed the bankruptcy bill. Since the legislation passed, , ProPublica reports that “black people struggling with debts are far less likely than their white peers to gain lasting relief from bankruptcy.”

BIDEN OPPOSES MEDICARE FOR ALL, BERNIE IS CHAMPIONING IT: Biden is opposing Democrats’ push for Medicare for All, which would guarantee health care to all Americans and help address the disproportionately high maternal, infant and cancer mortality rates among African Americans. Sanders is the longtime champion and author of that Medicare for All legislation.

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