BERN NOTICE: Billionaire Funding At Play in NH to Stop Bernie's Grassroots-Funded Campaign

Bernie: “Which side are you on? Are you on the side of the working class of this country, which has been battered for the last 35 years?"

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At a time when we have a disastrous president who represents billionaires and corporate America and a candidate spending hundreds of millions of his own money while skipping early contests and another who is funded by a variety of wealthy special interests, the time is now to ask the central question of this campaign:

Which side are you on?

You can’t change a corrupt system by taking its money. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is trying to buy the election by spending hundreds of millions of dollars on tv ads. Meanwhile, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is soliciting money from corporate executives and billionaires to fund his campaign. 

Here are five facts to remember about Buttigieg as he and his donors try to buy the New Hampshire primary:

1. BUTTIGIEG IS THE CHOSEN CANDIDATE OF BILLIONAIRES: Forbes recently reported that “while Sanders has refused donations from billionaires, Buttigieg has more exclusive billionaire donors than any other Democrat in the race.”

2. BUTTIGIEG ATTENDED DONORS’ MEETING ABOUT DESTROYING BERNIE: The New York Times reported that Buttigieg attended one of a “series of previously undisclosed Democratic dinners in New York and Washington organized by the longtime party financier Bernard Schwartz.” The dinners were about funding efforts to destroy Bernie’s campaign.

3. BUTTIGIEG IS THE CHOSEN CANDIDATE OF WALL STREET: The Washington Post reported that "Wall Street donors have a new favorite candidate in the 2020 Democratic presidential field: Pete Buttigieg.” Marketwatch notes that “(Buttigieg) has collected more campaign cash from donors and political action committees tied to the financial, insurance and real estate sector than any other White House hopeful.”

4. BUTTIGIEG IS THE CHOSEN CANDIDATE OF THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY: Buttigieg has refused to sign Bernie Sanders’ pledge to reject campaign cash from health care and pharmaceutical industry executives. Instead, as Sludge reports, he has raked in huge money from the health care industry.

5. BUTTIGIEG HAS PUSHED HIS DONORS’ AGENDA: Politico reported that Buttigieg was an outspoken supporter of Bernie’s push for Medicare for All, but suddenly began attacking Medicare for All when he started raising big money. Similarly, as Buttigieg has raised money from the bank industry and for-profit college investors, he has opposed Bernie’s plan to make college and trade school tuition free, cancel student debt and end profiteering off college loans. And Buttigieg beganattacking the Green New Deal as the Intercept reported that Pete raised tons of money from fossil fuel investors. 

As Bernie said this morning in New Hampshire, the question is: Which side are you on? Are you on the side of the working class and are you willing to take on the greed and corruption of the billionaire class and big corporations? Or are you on the side of the billionaire class and big corporations that are trying to buy the Democratic primary? 

Bernie is backed by millions of working people who are giving small dollar donations because they know Bernie will stand up for working people and fight for better wages, affordable health care, equal pay and tackle climate change and take on the wealthy special interests in Washington.

Bern after reading,