BERN NOTICE: Billionaires Are Trying To Buy The Democratic Primary

Bernie intensifies his anti-corruption message as two billionaires spend nearly 6 times more than every other Democratic candidate COMBINED.

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As yet another poll shows his campaign surging in the primary contest, Bernie has been zeroing in on the anti-corruption message that has defined his public record, fueled his 2016 campaign and been the foundation of his entire career.

In Carson City last night, Bernie said this:

“In my view, every single day we’re moving further and further away from democracy,” Sanders told around 400 supporters gathered in Carson. “It’s not only Trump’s refusal to follow the law…It’s the billionaires able to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to elect candidates that represent the wealthy and powerful. That’s not democracy.

“You can’t have elections when billionaires are so powerful. When billionaires are willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to be elected president.”

Some facts to remember:

• BILLIONAIRES ARE TRYING TO BUY THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY: Two billionaire candidates have spent $86 million on television ads. That’s almost six times the total amount spent by all other Democratic candidates combined.

• BERNIE’S TV AD SLAMS TRUMP’S CORRUPTION: While billionaires are outspending Bernie on television, Bernie has been airing an ad in Iowa directly challenging corruption. Watch it here.

• BERNIE DOESN’T TAKE MONEY FROM THE BILLIONAIRE CLASS: Unlike many of his opponents, Bernie doesn’t receive campaign cash from billionaires. He has also taken the No Fossil Fuel money pledge, and called on all candidates to join him in rejecting money from top executives in the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

• BERNIE WALKS THE TALK: While super PACs now flood the airwaves to try to stop Bernie’s campaign, Bernie has continued to reject super PACs. He also rejects closed-door big-dollar fundraisers and he has never worked on behalf of corporate interests.

• BERNIE IS PUSHING FOR REAL CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM: The Reno Gazette-Journal reports that during his event last night, Bernie “again promised to work toward publicly funding presidential elections and overturning Citizens United v FEC — a controversial 2010 Supreme Court decision often blamed for the rise of dark money in politics.”

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