BERN NOTICE: "Climate Change Is The Way We Win the Caucuses"

Bernie & AOC campaigning on climate in Iowa as polls show voters want climate action & see Bernie as a climate leader

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Bernie heads to Iowa this weekend with AOC, where they will be campaigning for a Green New Deal that has been accurately described as “the most progressive” plan — and one that is “far more aggressive than rivals' proposals.”

Now here’s some good political news: as you’ll see in the review below, polling data show fighting climate change is a top priority for Iowa voters, and also show voters see Bernie as a climate leader.

That’s not surprising: after all, Bernie isn’t some latecomer to the climate fight and he is not merely the author of the Green New Deal. He was also one of the few elected officials who originally helped put the issue on the national political radar in the first place (make sure to watch this mind-blowing video in which Bernie seems like Climate Nostradamus).

Bernie’s leadership on climate is set to be particularly critical to his Iowa campaign, because the state has already been so battered by climate change. Climate-intensified flooding in Iowa has caused billions of dollars of damage and bludgeoned the state’s agriculture sector — all while fossil fuel corporations have polluted the state with pipeline leaks and oil spills.


• CNN POLL SHOWS BERNIE LEADING ON CLIMATE: When voters were asked who they most trust to handle the climate crisis, CNN’s newest poll shows Bernie tied for first. Bernie has gained 7 points on that climate question since July — likely reflecting momentum from the widely covered release of his Green New Deal in August.

• BERNIE SEEN AS CLIMATE LEADER AMONG 2016 IOWA CAUCUSGOERS: Bernie’s first Iowa campaign could be a significant boost in his climate-focused campaign in 2020. A 2016 Quinnipiac poll showed a majority of Iowa caucusgoers saw Bernie as the climate candidate in that election.


• 75% OF IOWA DEMS WANT A CLIMATE-FOCUSED CANDIDATE: The Des Moines Register’s June poll found “75 percent of Iowa voters who plan to caucus in person say they must have a candidate who embraces a ‘recognition of climate change as the greatest threat to humanity.’”

• 70% OF IOWA VOTERS WANT CLIMATE ACTION: A July ClimateNexus poll found “Seven in 10 Iowa voters support government action to address climate change, including nearly four in 10 who strongly support such action. Iowa voters specifically want the federal government (73%), Iowa’s state government (70%), and their member of Congress (68%) to do more on the issue of climate change.”

• 24% OF IOWA DEMOCRATS SAY CLIMATE IS THEIR TOP ISSUE: A November Quinnipiac poll found 24 percent of likely Iowa Democratic caucusgoers say climate change is their most important issue. Only health care had a larger number of likely caucusgoers saying it is their most important issue.

• 71% OF IOWA DEMOCRATS SAY CLIMATE IS “VERY IMPORTANT”: An October CBS poll found 71 percent of Iowa Democrats said a candidate’s position on climate change is very important in deciding their vote.

For all these reasons, “we think climate change is the way we win the caucuses,” Bernie’s Iowa state director Misty Rebik told Vox. “We have the biggest most comprehensive plan around this. This is an issue that more and more Iowans can’t ignore.”

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P.S. Bernie has been making climate a central focus of his Iowa campaign — including in this new Iowa television ad airing across the state: