BERN NOTICE: How MSNBC Has Covered Bernie 2020

New data show "Sanders received not only the least total coverage, but the most negative."

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For months, many have suspected that MSNBC hasn’t been particularly fair to Bernie’s campaign — and now a new investigation provides some important context and data.

In a detailed story looking at MSNBC’s prime-time coverage of the 2020 race, In These Times reports:

The coverage quickly revealed a pattern. Over the two months, these six programs focused on Biden, often to the exclusion of Warren and Sanders. Sanders received not only the least total coverage (less than one-third of Biden’s), but the most negative.

As to the substance, MSNBC’s reporting revolved around poll results and so-called electability…Critiques of Biden were subsumed by positive coverage, presenting him as the safest, strongest choice to take on Trump…Only a few of the 240 episodes discussed Biden’s reliance on big-dollar donations, and none singled out his fundraising from industries such as healthcare and banking that have a strong interest in current policy debates.

Media critic Adam Johnson notes that the new data did not count other more “consistently anti-Sanders” shows and so the data is “almost certainly an undercount.”

The good news is that despite these kind of challenges, Bernie 2020 is surging with strong polling numbersunprecedented crowds, and big endorsements. 

Read ITT’s full story here — and also read Bernie’s plan to rebuild independent media and protect journalists from undue influence by corporate owners.

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