BERN NOTICE: New Memo Details Bernie's Big Jump In Polls

Heading into tomorrow's debate, Bernie hits a 6-month high in the Real Clear Politics Polling Average

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Heading into tomorrow’s debate, Bernie 2020 pollster Ben Tulchin is out with a detailed memo reviewing the data showing a big Bernie surge over the last month.

Click here to read the full memo.

Some key highlights:

✅ 6-MONTH HIGH: Bernie has now hit a 6-month high in the Real Clear Politics Polling Average, gaining nearly 5 points since October — while his top two rivals have dropped.

✅ SECOND PLACE NATIONALLY, TIED FOR FIRST IN EARLY STATES: Three national polls released over the past week find Bernie Sanders in second place overall. Likewise, CBS/YouGov’s new poll finds Bernie tied for first in Iowa and CNN’s recent survey finds Bernie leading in New Hampshire.

✅ STRONGEST BASE, MOST POPULAR CANDIDATE: Polling from Iowa and New Hampshire consistently finds that Sanders supporters are the most certain of and most enthusiastic about their choice of presidential candidate. At the same time, Morning Consult’s tracking poll has consistently shown Bernie with the highest favorable ratings of any candidate in the race.

✅ A WAVE OF MAJOR ENDORSEMENTS & FUNDRAISING: In the last 6 weeks, Bernie has been endorsed by Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. And just this weekend, he won the coveted endorsements from National Nurses United, United Teachers Los Angeles, Rights & Democracy, the California Young Democrats and 36 California elected officials. Meanwhile, Bernie today became the first candidate to reach 4 million individual donations, making him the fastest candidate in history to reach the milestone.

“I think people would make a mistake to underestimate the enthusiasm that is still out there for Bernie Sanders,” Iowa Democratic state Sen. Rob Hogg told the Los Angeles Times. “I think he’s turned a little bit of a corner, and just as I watch, I think he’s got some momentum now that he didn’t have three months ago.”

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