BERN NOTICE: New Poll Shows Bernie Ahead In New Hampshire

The Franklin Pierce-Boston Herald survey shows Bernie ahead by more than 7 points

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The new Franklin Pierce-Boston Herald poll finds Bernie with a commanding lead among New Hampshire Democratic primary voters. Overall, the survey finds Bernie with 28.5% of the vote — which puts him more than 7 points ahead of his next nearest rival, and more than 11 points ahead of the third-place candidate.

The poll results offer some more insights into the Bernie 2020 campaign’s strength in the first-in-the-nation primary state:

BERNIE HAS A VERY HIGH FAVORABILITY RATING: 82% of New Hampshire Democratic primary voters have a favorable view of Bernie.

BERNIE LEADS AMONG INDEPENDENT VOTERS: Bernie gets 32% of independent voters, while Biden gets 18% of independent voters. No other candidate is in double digits among these crucial swing voters.

BERNIE LEADS AMONG WOMEN: Bernie is supported by 25% of female primary voters — the largest percentage of any candidate.

BERNIE LEADS AMONG VOTERS 18-50: Bernie gets 34% of the vote among Democratic voters age 18-34, and 32% among Democratic voters age 35-50.

Click here to see the entire poll.

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