BERN NOTICE: New Polls Show Bernie Plummets Into Virtual Tie For 1st Place In Key States

The latest CBS survey shows Bernie 2020 has collapsed into an even stronger position for the Democratic presidential nomination

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According to the new CBS Battleground Poll, Bernie has officially plummeted into a virtual tie for first place in 3 out of the 4 first primary/caucus states, and his campaign has collapsed into having the highest level of supporter enthusiasm behind his campaign.

If you sense sarcasm in the words “plummet” and “collapse” — you are right. It’s a tongue-in-cheek reminder that even though the new data is terrific for Bernie 2020, few of the headlines about the survey even bother to mention these facts.

But, alas, they are the facts. Here are some key nuggets from the poll:

NEVADA — BERNIE LEADS: The CBS poll shows Bernie in first place in Nevada, and that poll follows an earlier survey showing the same thing.

IOWA — BERNIE IN VIRTUAL TIE FOR FIRST: The CBS poll shows Bernie has jumped 7 points since July — the largest jump of any candidate in the race. Bernie now trails Joe Biden by less than the poll’s margin of error, putting him in a virtual tie for first place. Bernie is also 9 points ahead of his next nearest competitor.

NEW HAMPSHIRE — BERNIE IN VIRTUAL TIE FOR FIRST: The CBS poll shows Bernie has gained 5 points since July -- and is now is a virtual three-way tie for first place.

BERNIE HAS MOST ENTHUSIASTIC BASE OF SUPPORTERS: CBS reports that “44 percent of Sanders backers say they will definitely try to persuade friends or family to vote for him — the highest of any of the top three candidates.”

HEALTH CARE THE #1 ISSUE: CBS notes “concerns about health care stand out because they unite all Democrats, regardless of ideology: nine in 10 across the ideological spectrum say it is ‘very important.’” CNN, ABC/WashPost, Reuters and Morning Consult polls have shown Bernie is the most trusted candidate on the health care issue.

BERNIE POLICIES ARE FUELING HIS MOMENTUM: Following Bernie’s major criminal justice, climate, labor and media reform policy rollouts in August, CBS poll shows that among voters considering supporting Bernie, 85% say it is because of his policies — a 4 point jump since July. That rise was fueled by big increases in the number of African American and Latino voters who say they are considering supporting Bernie because of his policies.

Oh, one other new data point today: A brand new Essence poll finds Bernie is now leading the entire field among younger African American women.

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