BERN NOTICE: The Bernie Surge -- And The Media's Attempt to Ignore & Derail It

New polls show Bernie has gained huge momentum -- but some of the national press wants you to think Bernie doesn't even exist

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In the last week, a wave of polls has emerged showing a genuine, full-on Bernie surge — but you might not know that if you tuned into cable TV or read the headlines from the national press corps. In fact, you might not even know Bernie is running for president.

As Bernie gains big momentum heading into the final 100 days until the Iowa caucuses, we see that the divide between The Actual Polls and The Media’s Manufactured Narrative is getting wider. In fact, the situation has gotten so obvious and laughable that The Onion decided to call it out and lampoon it with this headline:

THE ACTUAL POLLS: "Sanders has surged since he returned to the campaign trail"

Before we review The Media’s Manufactured Narrative, let’s first take a look at some key polling data from the last week that proves what The Hill had the guts to accurately report: Bernie “has surged in the polls since he returned to the campaign trail.”

BERNIE LEADS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE: The new CNN New Hampshire poll shows Bernie leading the field in the first-in-the-nation primary state. That includes big leads among self-described conservative Democrats, independents, and Democratic voters who did not vote in 2016. The poll also shows Bernie is seen as the most likable candidate in the field.

BERNIE IS SURGING IN IOWA: The New York Times’ new Iowa poll shows Bernie in a statistical tie for first place. That poll shows Bernie’s support is the most robust: 55% of his Iowa supporters say their minds are made up — by far the highest percentage of any candidate.

BERNIE IS SURGING IN MICHIGAN: Emerson’s new Michigan poll shows Bernie gaining 5 points since March, and now in a strong second-place position behind Biden, who plummeted 10 points in the same time period.

• BERNIE IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE BEATING TRUMP IN 3 KEY STATES: The New York Times’ polling data shows Bernie is the only candidate beating Trump in the three previously Democratic states — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan — that delivered Trump the 2016 election.

BERNIE SHOWS STRONG SIGNS IN NATIONAL POLLS: The new ABC/WashPost national poll shows Bernie in a statistical tie for second place, and shows that the largest segment of voters see him as “the most honest and trustworthy” candidate as well as the candidate who “best understands the problems of people like you.” The NBC/WSJ national poll shows Bernie gaining 5 points since September — the largest gain of any candidate.

THE MEDIA’S MANUFACTURED NARRATIVE: Misreported polls and the Bernie Blackout

Despite all this data, many in the national press corps continued to both inaccurately report the polling results — and also pretend Bernie doesn’t exist.

Misreported Polls

  • In a report about its own poll showing Bernie in first place in New Hampshire, CNN put an inaccurate graphic up showing Bernie in second place.

  • In a story on the Iowa poll showing Bernie in second place, CNN wrongly reported that Bernie was in third place.

  • In promoting a story about its own Iowa poll showing Bernie ahead of Pete Buttigieg, the New York Times insisted Buttigieg has “eclipsed” Bernie.

Bernie Blackout

  • The Intercept’s Ryan Grim reported that “CNN has five articles up about its new NH poll that shows Sanders in front, yet none of the five say that in the headline.”

  • In a headline about its own poll showing Bernie in a statistical tie for second place, the Washington Post didn’t mention Bernie and instead touted Pete Buttigieg’s “rise” — even though Buttigieg has less than half the support of Bernie and was a distant 4th place in their own poll.

  • In promoting its Iowa poll showing Bernie in second place, the New York Times blasted out a news alert mentioning every top-tier candidate — except for Bernie.

  • In its report about the Iowa poll showing Bernie in a close second place, CNN’s chyron was “Iowa Poll: Biden & Buttigieg Within Striking Distance of Warren.”

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