BERN NOTICE: The New Corporate Candidates Are No Coincidence

The potential last-minute candidacies of corporate titans are a direct response to the Bernie Surge

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The Boston Globe reports that in the last month, Bernie 2020 has seen “higher poll numbers and more momentum than he had before” — a boost of strong polling numbers, unprecedented crowds, and big endorsements. And that momentum continues with this week’s endorsement from the nation’s largest nurses union and with the release of Bernie’s new ad slamming Trump’s corruption.

To know that this momentum has the corporate class freaked out about the ascendance of a working-class movement, take a look at the political headlines of the last week — specifically, the headlines about potential last-minute presidential candidacies from those at the most elite echelons of the corporate world.

It is not some random coincidence that corporate titans are suddenly being talked about as candidates — the news and chatter are a direct response to the Bernie Surge.

First, there was the trial balloon of billionaire Michael Bloomberg — whose candidacy is reportedly backed by fellow billionaires Jeff Bezos and Leon Cooperman. Bloomberg opposes making billionaires pay their fair share of taxes and has fought efforts to better regulate Wall Street. As New York mayor, Bloomberg oversaw rising economic inequality, tried to send poor people out of the city, and unleashed a stop-and-frisk campaign while boasting about using the city police department as “my own army.”

There are also new reports that Eric Holder may jump into the race. He was the architect of the so-called “too big to jail” doctrine that made sure bankers were not prosecuted after the financial crisis. After that, he returned to his corporate law firm, whose website says he specializes in “white collar defense.”

And most recently, there are reports of a candidacy by Deval Patrick. He is currently an executive at private equity giant Bain Capital. He previously served as a top executive at oil giant Texaco, where he helped the fossil fuel colossus merge with Chevron. According to a detailed Huffington Post report, Patrick also became a “foreclosure mogul” at Ameriquest, where he “helped a Republican billionaire rip off the middle class.”

Again, these potential candidacies haven’t been floated randomly. They come at precisely the moment when Bernie’s campaign is surging.

Bernie 2020 campaign manager Faiz Shakir had this to say about all the news:

On the campaign trail, Bernie has been even more blunt:

“We say to Michael Bloomberg and other billionaires: Sorry, you ain’t going to buy this election.”

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P.S. Watch Bernie’s new anti-corruption ad here: