BERN NOTICE: The One Thing Bernie's Critics Never Admit

Axios points out the taboo truth that Medicare for All opponents never dare mention

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In the debate over health care, politicians bankrolled by insurance companies like to vilify Bernie’s Medicare for All plan by claiming it would destroy an existing system that lets Americans keep their current private insurance. But polls continue to show Bernie is the most trusted candidate on the health care issue.

Perhaps that has something to do with a taboo truth that Medicare for All critics never acknowledge, but that was mentioned in an Axios report today:

Americans currently have no right to keep what they have — insurers and/or employers can and will abruptly throw workers off their coverage if corporate executives decide that workers’ health needs are cutting into profits.

If you think that sounds like an exaggeration, think again. Here’s Axios:

Anthem executives admitted on their earnings call that the company is dumping some employers with workers who had medical needs and costs that were too high.

CVS Health, which now owns Aetna, previously said some middle-market clients had employees that it thought were getting too many services and drugs…

The bottom line: Health insurance companies closely track their medical loss ratios and aim to hit those targets most often by charging higher premiums, denying care, forcing people to use lower-priced providers or declining to cover people they deem to be too expensive.

These companies are completely uncaring and unsentimental about throwing workers off their health coverage. On the recent Anthem earnings call, one executive just made casual reference to “large groups that we'll be terminating later this year.”

Insurance-bankrolled politicians don’t mention these facts — and they are rewarded for their silence by a corrupt campaign finance system. Indeed, Anthem, CVS and other health insurers funnel big money to politicians, and in exchange, those politicians vilify Medicare for All, tout private insurance corporations and never mention that millions of Americans lose their employer-linked private insurance every year.

They don’t mention such inconvenient facts because they know that Americans are rightly enraged by them: a recent Emerson poll found 70 percent of voters now oppose a health care system that continues to allow employers “to change or eliminate an employee’s health insurance against the employee’s wishes.”

You know what kind of health care coverage will never be taken away from you? Bernie’s Medicare for All plan.

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