BERN NOTICE: Trump Pal Matt Bevin's Attacks On Bernie Wildly Backfired

GREAT SIGN FOR BERNIE 2020: Kentucky's GOP governor demonized Bernie and predicted he'd win by 6-10 points -- but he ended up behind on election night

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After portraying his reelection campaign as an explicit crusade against Bernie and the working-class agenda fueling Bernie’s campaign, GOP Gov. Matt Bevin said he felt “confident” he’d win by 6 to 10 points in the Republican-leaning state of Kentucky.

Instead, by the end of election night, Bevin was down, and both Kentucky’s Secretary of State and NBC News declared that Bevin lost the race.

Whatever happens with the final results (Bevin has not conceded), the fact that Kentucky’s election was even close is a fantastic sign for the 2020 election and Bernie’s campaign. It shows that GOP attacks on Bernie and his agenda are likely to backfire — even in traditionally Republican states.

Remember: Bernie visited Kentucky in August to rally pressure against Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, and to express support for teachers who staged huge protests against Bevin.

In response, Bevin used the Bernie event to record a video casting his reelection campaign as a crusade against Bernie and “his hateful class warfare.” Bevin asked Kentucky voters: “Which side are you on?”

They responded on Tuesday — with a very encouraging sign for the Bernie campaign and the working-class movement that will defeat Trump in 2020.

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