BERN NOTICE: Bernie Only 2020 Dem To Vote Against Trump's Trade Deal

Environmental groups begged Democrats to oppose the deal -- Bernie was the only leading 2020 Democrat to try to stop it

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Environmental groups begged Democrats to block Donald Trump’s disastrous trade deal — but Bernie was the only leading Democratic candidate to stand with them.

As he fought Trump’s trade deal — which passed today — Bernie lauded Sens. Kamala Harris and Chuck Schumer for joining him in the fight. Now that the deal has been sent to Trump’s desk, it illustrates a key contrast in the presidential race, with less than 3 weeks until the Iowa caucuses. Here are some things to remember:

• TRUMP’S TRADE DEAL WILL MAKE CLIMATE CHANGE WORSE: Major environmental groups begged Democrats to oppose Trump’s trade deal. In a letter to lawmakers, the groups noted that the trade agreement “does not even mention climate change, fails to adequately address toxic pollution, includes weak environmental standards and an even weaker enforcement mechanism, supports fossil fuels, and allows oil and gas corporations to challenge climate and environmental protections."

• BERNIE HAS LED THE FIGHT TO STOP TRUMP’S DEAL: While almost every other Democratic presidential candidate touted their support for Trump’s trade deal — and while some of them cast votes for it on the Senate floor — Bernie had the toughness, judgment and courage to oppose it from the beginning. As U.S. News reported, Bernie was “the only candidate on the debate stage Tuesday night to take a stand against President Donald Trump's legislative effort.” By contrast, Joe Biden publicly boosted the trade deal, despite environmental groups begging Democrats to help stop it.

• CLIMATE IS A TOP POLLING ISSUE IN IOWA: Bernie being the only leading 2020 Democrat to oppose Trump’s trade deal positions him to make a powerful climate change argument in Iowa — where polls have shown climate is one of the top-polling concerns among Democratic voters.

• TRUMP PARTICULARLY FEARS BERNIE BECAUSE BERNIE HAS FOUGHT BAD TRADE DEALS: The Daily Beast this week reported that Trump has become obsessed with Bernie’s rising poll numbers, and he specifically fears Bernie in the industrial states that have been decimated by corporate-written trade deals. Bernie didn’t just oppose Trump’s new trade deal — he has fought deals like NAFTA and the China trade agreement, which candidates like Joe Biden voted for. Bloomberg News previously reported that Biden’s electability argument is undercut by his “decades-long record of backing free-trade deals that have helped hollow out the manufacturing core in several important electoral states.”

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