BREAKING: Trump Just Exposed A Biden Vulnerability That Bernie Does Not Have

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At a Fox News town hall tonight, Donald Trump exposed Joe Biden’s major weakness as a general election candidate — and implicitly highlighted why Bernie will be a much stronger general election candidate for Democrats up and down the ballot in November.

In his remarks, Trump pledged to cut entitlement programs like Social Security, and he slammed Biden for voting for NAFTA. Biden spent years trying to cut Social Security — if he is the Democratic nominee, that record would weaken Democrats efforts to criticize Trump for similarly trying to cut the program. Likewise, Biden voted for disastrous trade deals like NAFTA, which would make it easy for Trump to criticize that record in key battleground states.

By contrast, Bernie fought Biden’s proposed Social Security cuts and he consistently voted against bad trade deals like NAFTA — which positions him to strongly contrast his record with Trump.

The Bernie 2020 campaign issued the following statement:

“Donald Trump tonight sent a warning shot to our party: if we nominate a candidate like Joe Biden who has repeatedly tried to cut Social Security and pushed disastrous trade deals, Trump will exploit that vulnerability in an effort to obscure his own record and win the battleground states that could swing the general election,” said Bernie 2020 campaign manager Faiz Shakir. “Bernie Sanders consistently fought Joe Biden’s efforts to cut Social Security and pass terrible trade deals like NAFTA. That was not only the right thing to do, it is a record that makes Bernie Sanders a far stronger general election candidate against Trump. Bernie’s consistent record at the top of the ticket will allow Democrats up and down the ballot to expose Trump’s efforts to slash Social Security and his work continuing a disastrous trade policy that harmed so many communities.”

Bernie 2020 has just launched a new Social Security ad ad and a new NAFTA ad spotlighting the contrast between Bernie and Biden on and.

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P.S. See this new video compilation of Biden repeatedly pushing to cut Social Security.