ICYMI: Bernie Oped On How Coronavirus Highlights The Flaws In Our Health Care & Economy Systems

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In advance of tonight’s Democratic primary debate, CNN has published Bernie’s new oped about how we must respond to the coronavirus emergency, both in the short-term and the long-term. Here is an excerpt:

In the short term, we must respond with unprecedented measures to make sure we protect all people regardless of their income.

First and foremost, that means our response must be guided by the decisions of doctors, scientists, and researchers — not politicians. At their direction, we must immediately increase the availability of coronavirus test kits and accelerate the processing of those tests. We must build out more intensive care units and obtain additional ventilators, while doing whatever we can to support and protect medical personnel…

But as we struggle with this crisis, we must remember how we arrived at this moment of peril, and then we must take long-term steps to make sure we are far better prepared for similar emergencies in the future…

When it comes to health care, we must finally do what every other major country does and guarantee health care to all our people as a human right, not a privilege…during the coronavirus outbreak, the lack of health care threatens all of us, showing that we are only as safe as the least insured person in America…

Click here to read the whole oped.

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