ICYMI: WashPost On Bernie's Electability

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Heading into the final debate before Super Tuesday, there has been a lot of discussion about “electability” in the general election. Here are three sets of links you should check out:

1. Click here for a new must-read Washington Post interview with Bernie’s pollster Ben Tulchin about the state of the race. Tulchin notes “Bernie does several points better than any other Democrat against Trump among 18-to-34 year-olds, which is a significant percentage of the electorate. Bernie has consistently done better among independents than any other Democrat tested, particularly younger independents.” He also reviews data on specific issues like Medicare for All.

2. Click here, here and here for some important polling data on Bernie’s coalition, his status in the polls in battleground states, and his standing among swing voters. Bottom line: the survey data show Bernie has built a broad, multiracial, multigenerational coalition and is the strongest general-election candidate against Trump.

3. Click here to watch a short segment from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes reviewing some of the general election data. As he notes: “If you are freaking out because he is so obviously an electoral disaster, I’m here to tell you its just not what the information we have now suggests.”

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