ICYMI: "We Need a Democratic Nominee Who Can't Be Attacked For Supporting Bad Trade Deals"

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In a new Michigan oped, Bernie makes the case that to win back the Upper Midwest and defeat Donald Trump, Democrats must nominate a candidate who has opposed the corporate-written trade deals that have decimated communities across the country.

Here is an excerpt:

While Joe Biden was working with Republicans to pass corporate-written trade deals, I was working with Democrats to try to stop those pacts and protect American workers…

Why is this so important right now? Because we not only need a new trade policy that invests in workers, we also as a nation must defeat Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in American history.

And here is a fact: it will be far harder to defeat Trump with a Democratic nominee who has supported the trade policies that have decimated so many communities.

We know Trump is going to focus on this issue because he already is. Just last week, Trump was slamming Joe Biden for voting for NAFTA. That is exactly what he wants to be doing in the entire general election campaign.

To counter this, we need a Democratic nominee that cannot be attacked for supporting bad trade deals that have harmed American workers. We need a nominee who can expose Donald Trump for the phony, the fraud and the pathological liar that he is.

That is exactly what our campaign is doing.

Click here to read the entire oped.

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