MUST WATCH: CNN Airs Video Of Obama Warning Against Politicians Who Try To Erase Their Iraq War Votes From History

As the Biden campaign slams Bernie and pretends Biden never supported the Iraq War, recall Obama's warning: "You can't undo a vote for war just because a war stops being popular"

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As Joe Biden’s campaign continues to be criticized for pretending Biden never supported the Iraq War, CNN has just aired a clip from a must-watch speech by Barack Obama warning against politicians who try to “rewrite history” about their votes for that war.

Some context: a front-page New York Times article today documents how Biden “has struggled to accurately account for (his war vote) on the campaign trail, repeatedly suggesting he opposed the war and Mr. Bush’s conduct from the beginning, claims that detailed fact checks have deemed wrong or misleading.” Indeed, multiple video clips are now circulating showing Biden bragging about voting for the war, and saying he didn’t regret it.

As CNN’s Jake Tapper noted just now, Obama explicitly warned against politicians who try to erase their Iraq War votes from history.

In a scathing 2008 statement, Obama excoriated politicians who “rewrite history,” he lauded the Democrats who voted against the war, and he said “you can't undo a vote for war just because a war stops being popular.” Obama also said “We need accountability in our leaders…voters need to judge us on the judgments we've made.”

As Biden pretends he never supported the Iraq War, watch Obama’s 2008 statement here:

Here are the facts: Bernie showed the judgment, toughness and courage to vote against the Iraq War. Biden didn’t merely vote for the Iraq War, as Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, he helped lead the fight for that war.

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