NEWS: Axios Report On Biden Cabinet Shows He's Fulfilling Promise That "Nothing Would Fundamentally Change"

List is full of officials from the finance industry -- which is now one of the largest collective donors to Biden's campaign and super PAC

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Last year, Joe Biden promised his wealthy donors that if he is elected president, “nothing would fundamentally change.” This morning, his campaign reportedly began making good on that promise — Axios reports that “Biden confidants are privately discussing potential leaders and Cabinet members for his White House.” The story includes a list of possible Cabinet secretaries that could keep Wall Street and corporate elites in firm control of the government.

Noticeably absent from the list of potential Biden appointments are any leaders from unions or environmental groups.

Donors from the securities and investment industry are together Biden’s 4th largest group of campaign contributors. The super PAC bankrolling Biden’s campaign is also financed by major Wall Street moguls. Those industries benefited from Biden’s support of the bankruptcy bill, finance deregulation and the Wall Street bailout.

The Axios list of potential Biden Cabinet officials reflects Wall Street’s continued influence. The list includes:

• Jamie Dimon, CEO of the bailed-out bank JP Morgan, “would be considered for Treasury.” Donors from J.P. Morgan were together among Biden’s top collective donors when he was in the Senate.

• Billionaire Mike Bloomberg “would be a top possibility to head the World Bank.”

Anne Finucane, vice chairman of the bailed-out Bank of America, “is another possibility for Treasury.” Donors from Bank of America were together among Biden’s top collective donors when he was in the U.S. Senate.

• “Morgan Stanley exec Tom Nides could get secretary of commerce, trade rep or some other top post.” Donors from Morgan Stanley were together among Biden’s top collective donors when he was in the Senate.

Tom Donilon, who is currently chairman of the BlackRock Investment Institute, “would be considered for CIA director, director of national intelligence, or secretary of state.”

• Steve Ricchetti, a former pharmaceutical industry lobbyist “could be counselor” to the president. Donors from the pharmaceutical industry are together among Biden’s top presidential campaign contributors.

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