NEWS: McConnell Shows Exactly Why Biden's 40-Year Social Security Record Is So Important RIGHT NOW

Bloomberg reporter: "McConnell has told me he hopes to work with the next Democratic president to trim Social Security"

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Joe Biden has been trying to cut Social Security for almost 40 years. Indeed, this morning a newspaper clip has emerged showing Biden pushing those cuts as early as 1983.

Biden has been excoriated in the media today for making “false claims” to try to distract attention from this record — but you may be wondering: why is his record even important today?

Part of it has to do with electability — as a recent Washington Post report notes, “Biden is vulnerable to Trump on Social Security.” But there’s another factor at play:

GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has been saying he wants to work with the next Democratic president to cut Social Security.

Indeed, Bloomberg reporter Steve Dennis reports that “McConnell has told me he hopes to work with next Democratic President to trim Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid…That includes adjusting eligibility given longer lifespans, McConnell said. In other words: Raise the retirement age.”

With that in mind, go back and look at the video of Biden bragging about his repeated efforts to cut Social Security. Go back and look at Biden in 2007 floating the idea of raising the Social Security retirement age. Then think about McConnell already aiming to work with a Democratic president to legislate those kind of cuts.

That is why Biden’s record is so important in the present moment — and why we need to nominate Bernie Sanders, who has opposed those cuts throughout his entire career.

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