WASH POST: "Sanders Is Right: Biden Is Vulnerable to Trump on Social Security"

This is one of the most significant differences between Bernie and Biden

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Just hours before tonight’s presidential debate, the Washington Post has published a powerful piece looking at Bernie’s consistent efforts to protect and expand Social Security, and then contrasts it with Biden’s repeated efforts to help Republicans slash Social Security. The article concludes:

There is no doubt Trump and his supporters will use all this against Biden should he be the nominee…One Democrat who isn’t vulnerable? You guessed it: Sanders. He’s a longtime Social Security champion and last year introduced legislation that would increase benefits for lower-income Americans, as well as change the cost-of-living formula to compensate for the higher inflation seniors experience thanks to their disproportionate medical spending.

Click here to read the entire piece.

For a deeper dive into all the times Biden tried to slash Social Security, read this report in The Intercept on how “Biden has advocated cutting Social Security for 40 years.” Also check out this Politico report on the specific instances of Bernie working to try to stop Biden from slashing Social Security.

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